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Celebrating Uniqueness
Who we are

Our Background

ABI is one of the leading players in the global automotive component manufacturing space. Since 1991, the company has been delivering highly engineered, complex turbo charger and safety critical parts to the global market. Today, ABI has achieved a leadership position, supplying to customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia, by setting up a fully integrated and mutually complementing delivery infrastructure coupled with matching competency

Our Journey

Leveraging its core component development knowledge, track record and capability, in 2018, ABI embarked upon setting up a state-of-the-art center for Aerospace and allied domains. Another new initiative that is taking shape is the development of new age Armour for Defence applications.

The Infrastructure

ABI quietly perseveres to deliver customer requirements using the best in infrastructure. This includes a state-of-the-art R&D center, modern design studios, tool development centers, testing facilities, laboratories, special process centers, alloy making facilities, a variety of foundries and machining plants that can address the entire spectrum of casting, machining, finishing & assembly operations.

The Approach

At our facilities, a combined strength of over 3000 employees, consisting of scientists, engineers, technician, associates and support staff, work round the clock to keep our customers happy. Our delivery and quality processes are certified to international standards, and wherever applicable, aligned to specific customer needs. 

The Campus

Located nearly 110 Km west of Chennai international airport in India, ABI is set up in a sprawling campus spread over 50 acres. Besides our offices, plants and foundries, this area houses technical and grammar schools, health centers and hospital, recreational facilities and employee residential homes.

The Legacy

ABI draws its heritage from one of India’s most respected and oldest business groups, TS Santhanam group of companies (formerly part of the 110-year-old auto component conglomerate, TVS group). The group is renowned for their integrity and deep commitments to the society at large, and is uncompromisingly focused on quality and excellence.


The customer seeks the best. While this big picture propels us forward, the beauty is in the detail. We know that little things matter. And, we want to be a catalyst for change, as we inspire and emerge as a top provider. What can be more exciting than pushing the envelope to expand our offerings? And yet, at the same time deliver more out of less? We call these incremental innovation and frugal engineering. These are  somethings which we achieve through a culture of inclusiveness and openness; and an approach guided by the process; but, one that encourages a respectful challenge of the norms.  The environment in our campus is vibrant with a singular common purpose. Create the future.


ABI has been built on deep convictions. We do not measure our success in numbers, but on the impact we have had on our employees, their families, customers, industry, ecosystem and the local communities. For us, this is a journey for all round stake holder win. We believe that adherence to the process would take care of the outcome. A common code of simple, yet, profound principles serve as the beacon light  in this journey.

  • Follow the process
  • Listen carefully, observe closely
  • Trust and be trusting
  • Work with empathy
  • Aim for excellence
  • Act with integrity
  • Ensure transparency without compromising security
  • Lead by example


  • Health Safety and Environmental Policy
  • Disability Inclusion Initiatives

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility - The Journey of Hope

The experience of joy of sharing is beyond description. Beyond work, many ABI Associates are actively associated with various formal and informal initiatives wherein they participate in community reach out.

As a company, we embrace our responsibility to leave a trail of happiness and sustainability in the communities in which we work and live. More than 50% of our campus is maintained green. One of the recent efforts is growing up Miyawaki forest adjacent to our plants. At a formal level, we run a Grammer school, Vidya Peetam to impart primary and secondary education to children. Our Technical school, Matrix, is open to all youth in the neighbourhood. Here we impart the basics and nuances of modern manufacturing methods. In addition, we run a 32-bed hospital near our plants. As a matter of abundant care, we adhere to several non-mandatory policies.

Accreditation and Certification